Monday, March 31, 2014

Got my carpets cleaned recently

One of the things about keeping a blog that I really want to do is keep people updated on my life.  Seeing as how its spring right now I see my neighbors cleaning their houses and boxes can be found stacked infront of everyones houses.

It can only mean one thing..Spring Cleaning in Florida!

With Summer only months away, knowing future guests will be here I wanted to tidy up the house some.  I decided to dust using endust and then decided to mop the wooden floors and rent a carpet cleaning machine from publix in Jacksonville on Old. St. Augustine Road.  Carpet cleaners jacksonville are a dime a dozen and I was looking for something unique.  Well the carpet cleaning machine was a little clunky to operate and I wasn't sure I did it right.  It took me over 2 hours just to do HALF of the house!  That was not ok and I decided to find a local company to get it done.  I decided to call True Clean Carpet and Tile in Jacksonville, FL.  Jerry is the owner and was a great pleasure to work with.  He had all kinds of tools that could get the job done and he was able to get our carpets looking super clean again.  He told me that he has been running his business in Jacksonville for a while now and has done carpet cleaning for churches and schools and businesses as well.  When looking for carpet cleaning jacksonville FL I would receommend Jerry for sure!